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In today's emerging global economy, most companies have business interests throughout the world. They need to implement a global vision with consistent messages tailored to local needs and cultures. We have a team of special consultants from every major market in the world to assist you in doing your international business. Our consultants know the language, the market and how to reach the right people and authorities.

Our goal is to make every language version as true, as gripping, as believable an experience as viewing the original production. To achieve this we have assembled a competent team of translators, casting directors, recording studios, producers and directors from around the world.

We specialize in foreign language version of your product which can be a company presentation,entertainment film,commercial, e-learning software,
games,website & any product which is due for its international market release or targeting for foreign audience in your local market.

voice  dubbing

dubbing studio

hollywood dubbing

creating subtitles

dubbing software

dubbing artiste

dubbing network

language dubbing

mobile dubbing

dubbing translation

broadcast dubbing

film dubbing

television dubbing

cartoon dubbing

animation dubbing

mobile tv dubbing

dubbing supervisor

dubbing director

dubbing localization

media localization

dubbing team

foreign language dubbing

dubbing group

dubbing company

dubbing service

dubbing agency

language versioning

dubbing and subtitling

language version

foreign language versioning


video dubbing

localizing graphics

multilingual studio

        audio dubbing

localization services

in-territory dubbing services

localization projects

corporate multimedia

multimedia localization

multimedia productions

Feature dubbing

Closed Captioninging


interactive game localization

v/o, website

video localization

transcribing , transcriptions

language localization, language translation

captions, captioning

voice casting, narration

language customization

Translation and dubbing

post production

audio visual translation

software localization

online subtitling

localization and internationalization

localization services

in-flight dubbing

in-flight foreign language

in-flight localization

in-flight recording

language dubbing

dubbing services

dubbing artist

dubbing language

dubbing in asian language

dubbing in foreign language

dubbing in european language

dubbing in african language

dubbing in indian language

lip synchronization

corporate narration

lipsync dubbing

film localization

multilingual dubbing

dubbing group

dubbing partner

language localization services

audio productions

post-production facilities

subtitling lab

sound recording

sound recording and dubbing services

subtitling  dubbing

subtitling studio

subtitling software

subtitling localization

subtitling network

language subtitling

hollywood subtitling

laser subtitling
lazer subtitling

mobile subtitling

subtitling translation

broadcast subtitling

film subtitling

television subtitling

cartoon subtitling

animation subtitling

mobile tv subtitling

subtitling supervisor

dubbing director

subtitling team

foreign language subtitling

subtitling group

subtitling company

subtitling service

subtitling agency

language versioning

dubbing and subtitling

language version

foreign language versioning


video subtitling

        audio dubbing

localization services

in-territory subtitling services

localization projects

corporate multimedia

multimedia localization

multimedia productions

Feature subtitling

Closed Captioninging


language services division

international language customization

language customization

multimedia subtitling

recording foreign language dubbing

recording foreign language voice over

interactive game localization

v/o, website

transcribing , transcriptions

language localization, language translation

captions, captioning

voice casting, narration

language customization

translation and dubbing

post production

audio visual translation

software localization

DVD localization projects

localization and internationalization

localization services

in-flight subtitling

in-flight foreign language

in-flight localization

in-flight recording

Language Dubbing

subtitling services

dubbing artist

subtitling language

subtitling in asian language

subtitling in foreign language

subtitling in european language

subtitling in african language

subtitling in indian language

multilingual subtitling


subtitling business

dvd subtitling

subtitling group 

media localization

live subtitling

language localization services

foreign language subtitles



DVD, HD-DVD/Blu-ray, Digital Cinema, Broadband and Mobile subtitles

audio production

DVD localization

post production

voice over talent

voice over services

voice over artist

voice over audition

voice over demo

voice over agent

voice over commercial

female voice over talent

male voice over talent

voice over agency

voice over talent agency

voice over acting

voice over narration

voice over studio

voice over casting

voice over recording

voice over professional

cartoon voice over

voice acting

animation voice over

voice audition

voice talent

foreign language recording

multimedia localization

translation recording

translation companies

in-flight recording

in-flight voice over

foreign language audio

foreign language casting

voice over artists

voiceover artists

voice over work

multimedia localization Services

multimedia translation Service

multimedia globalization

voice over zone


voice over directory

asian localization

audio localization


european localization

multilingual studio

subtitling management services


multilingual audio

voiceover recording for TV/Radio Commercials

Voice narration for IVR/Multimedia presentations

voice recording for songs/jingles/music

corporate narration for multinational companies

Localization of CBT/WBT

Localization of
E-learning materials

localization of Advertising/ad films,audio visual

state of the art recording studio

Voice over recording in all Asian,Indian & European languages


coporate voice

industrial voice over




Translation of media content

voice over mart

voice village


Voice database

voiceover casting for Television stations

voiceover database

inflight programmes
inflight supplier

inflight programming

multilingual voice

isdn voice over recording

multilingual talent

multilingual voice talent

Linguistic services



multilingual recording

audio and voiceover talent services

voiceover talent narrator services

narration service

e-Learning Programs

e-Learning voice over

corporate narration

in-flight announcements

game voiceover

narration service

video voice over

Game localization

foreign language casting.

foreign language production

isdn recording

e-Learning recording

Multilingual Recording Studio

IVR recording

IVR prompt recording

GPS recording

GPS prompt recording

on hold message recording

on hold message  prompt recording

voice prompts

voice prompt recording

voice prompts recording

recorded messages

voicemail greeting

interactive voice recording service

interactive voice recording services

voice prompt partner

ivr prompts, ivr prompt recording, ivr voice talent, voice talent, prompt library

telephone greeting,

CBT voice recording

phone voice

WBT voice recording

radio voice over

audio book recording

radio spots

Auto Attendants

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

ivr prompt


in-flight announcement

multilingual voiceover

asterisk voice prompts,

interactive voice recording

computer operator,
voice prompt

a-lawv alaw,
acdv voicemail,
vapv vos,
voice files,

Spanish Voice Prompts,
British Voice Prompts,
English Voice Prompts,
French Voice Prompts,
German Voice Prompts,
Italian Voice Prompts,
Mandarin Voice Prompts,
Cantonese Voice Prompts,
Dutch Voice Prompts, Norwegian Voice Prompts,
Swedish Voice Prompts,
Bulgarian Voice Prompts,
Serbian Voice Prompts,
Croatian Voice Prompts,
Arabic Voice Prompts,
Tagalog Voice Prompts,
Vietnamese Voice Prompts,
Russian Voice Prompts,
Ukranian Voice Prompts,
Portuguese Voice Prompts,
Brazilian Voice Prompts,
American Voice Prompts,
Hindi Voice Prompts,
Urdu Voice Prompts,
Creole Voice Prompts,
Slovak Voice Prompts,
Czech Voice Prompts,
Japanese Voice Prompts,
Hungarian Voice Prompts,
Polish Voice Prompts,
Turkish Voice Prompts,
Korean Voice Prompts

Spanish Voice recording,
British Voice recording,
English Voice  recording ,
French Voice  recording ,
German Voice  recording ,
Italian Voice  recording ,
Mandarin Voice  recording ,
Cantonese Voice  recording ,
Dutch Voice  recording ,
Norwegian Voice  recording ,
Swedish Voice  recording ,
Bulgarian Voice  recording ,
Serbian Voice  recording ,
Croatian Voice  recording ,
Arabic Voice  recording ,
Tagalog Voice  recording ,
Vietnamese Voice  recording,
Russian Voice  recording ,
Ukranian Voice  recording ,
Portuguese Voice  recording ,
Brazilian Voice  recording ,
American Voice  recording ,
Hindi Voice  recording ,
Urdu Voice  recording ,
Creole Voice  recording ,
Slovak Voice  recording,
Czech Voice  recording ,
Japanese Voice  recording ,
Hungarian Voice
 recording ,
Polish Voice  recording ,
Turkish Voice  recording ,
Korean Voice  recording

language dubbing

Multilingual dubbing

Multilingual subtitling

language subtitling



digital studio

Recording studio

video game localization

Multilingual Recording  studio 


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