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Audio Description

Media Movers provides audio description-AD (also known as video description-VD) services essentially for the blind,visually impaired viewers & also those with learning/print disability.

Audio description ensures that such viewers have equal access to onscreen events by providing the essential visual information. A.D uses the natural pauses in dialogue or narration to insert descriptions of the essential visual elements: actions, appearance of characters, body language, costumes, settings, lighting, etc thereby increasing overall appreciation and comprehension of any content. In some cases sophisticated audio post production techniques are used to create sufficient space to insert the necessary descriptions.

Media Movers

Our competent writers and describers bring to life the key visual images, body language and visual expressions needed to understand a program's content. & strive to adhere to the Standards and Code of Conduct of the Audio Description Coalition & Sec.508

It is our endeavor to provide quality audio description, accessible in multiple languages in all media formats, which caters to the diverse needs of entertainment, educational, commercial, and government programming