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Latvian (latviešu valoda), sometimes referred to as Lettish, is the official state language of the Republic of Latvia. There are about 3.5 million native Latvian speakers worldwide 

There are three dialects in Latvian: the Livonian dialect, Latgalian language and the Middle dialect. 

A long tradition in Latvian linguistics divides these dialects into two major groups: Low Latvian and High Latvian. Low Latvian is made up of the Central dialect and the Tamian dialect. Another popular view in the literature recognizes these two main groups but refers to them slightly differently, namely as West Latvian (also known as Central Latvian or Tamian) and as East Latvian (also known as High Latvian or Latgalian). 

The West and East Latvian dialect groups are quite similar, but each has a separate literary tradition. West Latvian forms the basis of standard Latvian. Although speakers of Latgalian (now called East Latvian) at one point hoped to establish it as a separate language, this never took place, and today Latgalian is still considered a regional dialect of Latvian. 

We have the latest technology available and highly qualified staff for professionally dubbing films for the entertainment, educational and corporate industry. We can lip-synch your dubbing project into Latvian language. Our directors and actors, all native speakers, are assigned to each project according to the languages involved and to their area of expertise. Our translation and cultural adaptation always takes into consideration the country and public it is destined to reach.

We specialize in dubbing, subtitling, Voiceover, . transcription

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