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Konkani language is one of the twenty-two languages included in the eighth schedule of the constitution of India. It is also the official language of the State of Goa. Konkani is an Indo-European (Indo-Aryan) language derived from Sanskrit through Prakrit and is influenced and enriched by various other languages like Marathi, Kannada, Malayalam, Hindi, Portuguese and English.

It is spoken by people in Goa and parts of Maharashtra, Karnataka and Kerala. Konkani enjoys the privilege of possessing the first text printed (in Roman) in any Indian language. Konkani is written in Kannada, Nagari, Roman, Arabic, and Malayalam script.

People of Ratnagiri origin and Konkan Brahmins speak Chitpawani that is influenced by Marathi. People of Konkan speak Malavani and Goans speak Gomantaki. Muslim Konkanis (converted due to Tipu) speak a mixture of Urdu in parts of Mysore, Coorg, and Srirangapattanam.

No matter what your requirements are, each of our voice over talent is well experienced and “native”. We constantly update our talent pool through auditions conducted by our equally experienced directors.

Our voice over talents are actors and broadcasters with extensive backgrounds in advertising, theater, radio, TV and film with different range in age and vocal style to suit your specific needs.

We specialize in dubbing, subtitling, Voiceover, . transcription

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