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Malagasy is a member of the Western Malayo-Polynesian branch of Austronesian family. It is official language of Madagascar. Malagasy language is spoken by more than 18 million people in Madagascar and also world wide.Malagasy has its origins in Indonesia and "most closely resembles Ma'anyan, a Malayo-Polynesian tongue spoken today in the Barito Valley of southern Borneo".

The spoken Malagasy language consists of a large number of dialects that can be divided in two basic groups:
Eastern, including Merina, and western, including Sakalava, with the isogloss running down the spine of the island, the south being western, and the central plateau and much of the north (apart from the very tip) being eastern.
The Merina dialect of Malagasy is considered the national language of Madagascar. It is one of two official languages alongside French. Other regional dialects include Tanosy, Antankarana which is spoken on the northern part of the island, Southern Betsimisaraka on the East Coast, and Tandroy-Mahafaly in the Southern part.

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