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Sidaama or Sidaamu Afoo is an Afro-Asiatic language, belonging to the Highland East Cushitic branch of the Cushitic family.Sidama language is closely related to Haadiyya, kembata, Gedeo and Burgi, which together constitute the High land East Cushitic language branch. It was an Oral language and codified recently.Dialects vary as regional variance. The term Sidama refers to the Highland East Cushitic(HEC)Languages, speakers living in Sidama Zone of the SNNPRS (south central Ethiopia).

No matter what your requirements are, each of our voice over talent is well experienced and “native”. We constantly update our talent pool through auditions conducted by our equally experienced directors.

Our voice over talents are actors and broadcasters with extensive backgrounds in advertising, theater, radio, TV and film with different range in age and vocal style to suit your specific needs.