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The Soqotri (Saqatri, Sokotri, Suqutri, Socotri)language is one of six pre-Islamic languages that form a group called Modern South Arabian languages (MSA). This group, which in-cludes Soqotri, Mehri, Jibbali, Bathari, Harsusi and Hobyót, is spoken in parts of Oman particularly in Dhofar and south east of Yemen in Mahrah Governorate and Soqotra Island. Modern South Arabian languages belong to the southern branch of the western Semitic languages. The other Semitic languages grouped in this branch are the Semitic languages of Ethiopia and the extinct inscription languages, which are also called Epigraphic Old South Arabian languages.

Soqotri is the native language of the Island of Soqotra located in the east of Aden Gulf about 300km south of the Arabian Peninsula. It is also spoken in two small nearby islands called the Island of Abdul kuri and the Island of Samha.

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