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Tetum (Tetun), is an Austronesian language spoken on the island of Timor. It belongs to the Central Malayo-Polynesian division of Austronesian languages. It has two main varieties: Tetun Prasa (Tetun Língua‐Franca and Tetun Dili)and Tetun Terik (Tetun Foho/Terik and Tetun Belo/Lós).

Tetun Prasa is the variety of the language now spoken as a first language in the capital and its suburbs and used as a vernacular in diglossic situations in most of the country. Tetun Terik, a more conservative dialect of Tetun spoken in the south and around the border with Indonesia, shows much less Portuguese influence and has still preserved some inflectional morphology.

No matter what your requirements are, each of our voice over talent is well experienced and “native”. We constantly update our talent pool through auditions conducted by our equally experienced directors.

Our voice over talents are actors and broadcasters with extensive backgrounds in advertising, theater, radio, TV and film with different range in age and vocal style to suit your specific needs.