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Xhosa (IsiXhosa) is one of the official languages of the Republic of South Africa. Xhosa is a very heterogeneous and complex language, originating from a large and diversif ied group with many chiefdoms and clans.

It is a Nguni language, a subgroup that also includes Zulu; Swati; and Ndebele (the latter spoken in Zimbabwe and parts of the Republic of South Africa); all four languages are closely related and mutually intelligible. Literary Xhosa is based on the Gcaleka, Ndlambe, and Gaika dialects.

The Scottish missionaries like John Bennie laid the foundation for the Xhosa orthography, which is still used. Together with Zulu, Xhosa is the most widely spoken language in South Africa. Literary Xhosa and others form the key dialects in the region.

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