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Burmese belongs to the Burmish sub-branch of the Lolo-Burmese branch, which is one of the four major branches of the larger Tibeto-Burman family spoken by over 40 million speakers.

Burmese (Myanmar) is the national language of Myanmar. Many speakers are based in foreign countries Bangladesh, the USA, Macao, Malaysia, and Thailand.

Key Dialects: Rakhine or Arakanese (spoken in Rakhine State - also known as Arakan State - in the southwest of Myanmar); Tavoyan (spoken along the coast of southeastern Burma); and Intha (spoken in the southeastern part of Shan State).
The issue of dialects as variants of standard language is controversial for Burmese as in most cases regarding dialect issues: in Burmese all these "dialects" are considered "languages" [za-g], just like Burmese za-g, or other "languages" spoken by different ethnic minorities.

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