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Guarani is a Native American language or dialect continuum spoken in Paraguay and parts of Bolivia, Argentina, and Brazil. Varieties: Western Bolivian Guarani ; Eastern Bolivian Guarani dialects: Av (subdialects Chan, Tapiet AKA andeva), Izoceo/Izocenio Paraguayan Guarani (Guarani proper) Guaran language is part of the Tup-Guaran language family, a family that includes many of the indigenous languages south of the Amazon. It is one of the official language of Paraguay. Chirip Guarani (AKA Av, Nhandva/andeva, Apytare, Tsirip/Txirip) Mby Guarani (Mbya).

It is spoken by nearly five million people in Paraguay, Bolivia, Brazil and Argentina. In fact, more than two-thirds of the population of Paraguay are speakers of Guarani, most of whom are fully bilingual in Guarani and Spanish. There are significant differences between Paraguayan Guarani and the Guarani dialects spoken in other regions, and some linguists consider them separate languages.

Dialects: Jopar is a colloquial variety, heavily influenced by Spanish, widely spoken in Paraguay. Tribal groups, such as Chirip, Mby and Pai-Tavytera, speak more conservative varieties. Chiriguano is a dialect of (or an independent language closely related to) Guarani, spoken in Bolivia.

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