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Uighur belongs to the Eastern branch of the Turkic group of the Altaic language family. Closely related languages include Ainu (different from Ainu spoken in Japan and Russia), Ili Turki, Uzbek and West Yugur (also called Yellow Uighur or Sarygh-Uighur, but different from Uighur).

Majority of Uighur native speakers are in China and few speakers in Afghanistan,Kazakhstan,Mongolia,Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, and Germany.

Main Dialects : Three groups of (sub-)dialects are assumed for Uighur: Central, including Aksu (Aqsu), Ili, Kashgar (Qashgar), Komul, Korlin, Kuchar (Kucha), Qarashahr (Karashar), Turfan, Urumchi (Urumqi), Yarkend; Southern, including Hotan; Eastern, including Lopnor.

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