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Media Movers specializes in film dubbing in all languages.

We have the latest technology available and highly qualified staff for professionally dubbing films for the entertainment, educational and corporate industry. Our directors and actors, all native speakers, are assigned to each project according to the languages involved and to their area of expertise. Our translation and cultural adaptation always takes into consideration the country and public it is destined to reach.

We offer film dubbing for theatrical, home video, DVD, television broadcast,inflight entertainment and mobile streamimg (VOD/SVOD) in below languages  


Armenian dubbing

Azerbaijani dubbing

Bangladeshi dubbing

Burmese dubbing

Chinese dubbing

Cambodian-Khmer dubbing

Mandarin dubbing

Cantonese dubbing

Dari dubbing

Farsi dubbing

Hmong dubbing

Indian dubbing

Indonesian dubbing

Japanese dubbing

Korean dubbing

Kurdish dubbing

Laotian (Lao) dubbing

Malay dubbing

Maori dubbing

Malagasy dubbing

Nepali dubbing

Pushto dubbing

Pali dubbing

Persian dubbing
Sylheti dubbing Singhalese (Sinhalese) dubbing
Sorani dubbing Thai dubbing
Tibetian dubbing Uzbek dubbing
Georgian dubbing Vietnamese dubbing
Malay dubbing Malaysian-Bahasa dubbing
Indonesian-Bhasa dubbing New Zealand dubbing
Srilankan dubbing Azeri dubbing
Khmer dubbing Samoan dubbing
Javanese dubbing Kyrgyz (Kara-Kirghiz) dubbing
Uighur dubbing Filipino dubbing
Philippine dubbing Tigre dubbing
  Turkmen dubbing
Tagalog (Filipino or Pilipino) dubbing Bahasa Melayu dubbing
Asian dubbing Bahasa Indonesia dubbing




Albanian(Gjuha Shqipe) dubbing Bulgarian dubbing
Balgarski dubbing Catalan, Català dubbing
espanol Dubbing  
Basque (Euskara) dubbing Belarusian, Belarusan dubbing
Bosnian (Bosniac)  dubbing Croatian dubbing
Czech dubbing Danish(Dansk) dubbing
Dutch(Nederlands) dubbing Estonian(Eesti )dubbing
Finnish (Suomi) dubbing French (Français) dubbing
Flemish dubbing Georgian dubbing
German (Deutsch) dubbing Greek(Elinika)  dubbing
Greenlandic dubbing Hungarian(Magyar)  dubbing
Inuit dubbing  
Icelandic dubbing Irish(Gaeilge) dubbing
Italian(Italiano) dubbing Kazakh dubbing
Lithuanian dubbing Latvian dubbing
Luxembourgish dubbing Macedonian dubbing
Maltese(Malti) dubbing Moldovan dubbing
Norwegian dubbing Polish(Polski) dubbing
Portugese(Português) dubbing Brazilian portuguese dubbing
Romanian (Româna)  dubbing Russian dubbing
Serbian dubbing Latin-Spanish dubbing
Slovak (Slovencina) dubbing Slovenian dubbing
Spanish(Castilian) dubbing Swedish(Svenska) dubbing
Turkish dubbing Ukrainian dubbing
Slovakian dubbing Uzbek dubbing
Gaelic dubbing Welsh dubbing
British dubbing Canadian dubbing
Belgian dubbing Serbo-Croatian dubbing
Scottish dubbing Belgium dubbing
Caucasian dubbing Canadian-French Dubbing
Austrian dubbing Swiss-German Dubbing
Slovene(Slovenšcina)  dubbing Español dubbing
Latviesu valoda dubbing Lietuviu kalba dubbing
  Tatar dubbing
Chechen dubbing Quechua dubbing
European dubbing  

Arabic dubbing Armenian dubbing
Azerbaijani dubbing Bashkir, Basquort,Bashkort Dubbing
Brahui, Brahuidi, Birahui, Brahuigi, Kur Galli  dubbing Buriat (Buryat) dubbing
Baluchi (Balochi) dubbing Middle Eastern Dubbing
Dari dubbing Farsi dubbing
Hebrew dubbing Kurdish dubbing
Baluchi (Balochi)  dubbing Mongolian dubbing
Pushto(Pashto) dubbing Sorani dubbing
Tajik dubbing Turkish dubbing
Kazhak(Kirghiz)  dubbing Yiddish dubbing
Persian dubbing Tajiki dubbing
Syrian dubbing Magrebian dubbing
Tunisian dubbing Morroccan dubbing
Uzbek dubbing  

Native American dubbing Cherokee dubbing
Navajo dubbing Ojibwe (Chippewa) dubbing
Lakota dubbing Canjobal (Q'anjob'al) Kanjobal, Kanhobal dubbing
Quiche (Q'eqchi' ) dubbing  
voice  dubbing dubbing studio
hollywood dubbing  
dubbing software dubbing artiste
dubbing network language dubbing
mobile dubbing dubbing translation
broadcast dubbing film dubbing
television dubbing cartoon dubbing
animation dubbing mobile tv dubbing
dubbing supervisor dubbing director
dubbing localization media localization
dubbing team foreign language dubbing
dubbing group Dubbing company
dubbing service dubbing agency
language versioning dubbing and subtitling
language version foreign language versioning
subtitling,dubbing video dubbing
audio dubbing localization services
in-territory dubbing services localization projects
corporate multimedia multimedia localization
multimedia productions Feature dubbing
Closed Captioninging Localizing
interactive game localization v/o, website video localization
transcribing , transcriptions language localization, language translation
captions, captioning voice casting, narration
language customization Translation and dubbing
post production audio visual translation
software localization  
localization and internationalization localization services
in-flight dubbing in-flight foreign language
in-flight localization in-flight recording
language dubbing dubbing services
dubbing artist dubbing language
dubbing in asian language dubbing in foreign language
dubbing in european language dubbing in african language
dubbing in indian language lip synchronization
corporate narration lipsync dubbing
film localization multilingual dubbing
dubbing group dubbing partner
language localization services  
post-production facilities  
  sound recording and dubbing services
dubbing house subtitling house
international dubbing international subtitling


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